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Thank You's

Thank you to the following people for putting a remarkable amount of time and energy into helping Nazanin Fatehi:

Mina Ahadi, Shadi Sadr, Honourable Canadian MP Belinda Stronach, Honourable Canadian Senator Rod Zimmer, Kristian Hvesser, Vincent Manoury, David Etebari, and Nima.

Thank you for your specific roles in advancing the Save Nazanin Campaign:

Negar Azmudeh, Nahid Riazi, Mino Hemati, The Honourable Lloyd Axworthy, Dr. Payam Akhavan, Persian Princes, Dr. Andy Knight, Emma Bonino and Hands Off Cain.

We would also like to thank many other people who have helped in many different ways.

Original people who stepped up to the plate: T.T., M.S., Babak, Mr. Afshin-Jam, and James Schouw.

All those at the UN in particular: Justice Louise Arbour, Rachel Mayanja, Sylvia Hordosch, Shyamala Alagendra, Fannie Lafontaine, Craig Mokhiber, Goro Onojima, and Abiodum Williams.

Those in Canadian Parliament, in particular: Amir Rouhani, The Honourable Royal Galipeau, The Honourable Dan McTeague, The Honourable Alexa McDonough, The Honourable Caroline St-Hillaire, Maria Mcclintock, and Mark Entwistle.

Amnesty International in particular: Ruth Juettner, Anabel Bermejo, Senta Piringer, Kate Willingham, Cheryl Hotchkiss, Pat Maguire, John Tackaberry, and Ruth.

Dedicated Journalists: Darius Kadivar, Potkin Azermehr, KRSI’ s Ali Reza Morovati and Pari Abasalti, Mostafa Sabber, Beryl Wajsmann, Asieh Namdar, Kathryn Lopez, Nafsika Karagiannidi, and all the other journalists mentioned in the Media section.

Bodogmusic Team: Rikki Zazula, Marc Namm, Riley Karroll, Peter Karroll, Naz Karroll, Cristy Laubmann, and Ali Adab.

Thank you to Nazanin Fatehi documentary team: Hossein Fazeli, Shaun Lawless, Miguel Hernandez, Sarah Bergeest and others who did not want to be mentioned.

Lawyers without Borders who generously offered assistance with Governor General Michael Jean’s inquiry, in particular: Poupak Bahamin, Ann Julie Auclair, Atoosa Mahdavian, and Pierre Brun.

Rally speakers in Vancouver and Los Angeles: Zari Asli, Abass Mohamadi, Fahimeh Sadeghi, Roya Teimouri and Nazanin Boniadi.

Thank you for your contacts and help: Dr. Seena Rejal, (BA)2K, Amir Abbas Fakhravar, Omid Ghazal, Goli Ameri, Dr. Maseeh, Dr. Jamshid Ghajar, Raoul Juneja, Shabnam Rezaei, Shawn Lawless, and James McAllister.

Thank you for your generous support: Jason Gordon, Miljenko Horvat, Simon Zandkarimi, Farid Rezazadeh, Renate Geering, Naeim Asady, Steven Goitia, Steve Summers, Aasem Sulehria and others who did not want to be mentioned.

Thank you to the 350,000+ people who have signed the Save Nazanin Petition, have written letters to the UN, Iranian officials, local media, parliamentarians and blogs.

Thank you for spreading the word. Let’s not forget others in similar situations as Nazanin Fatehi such as: Delareh Darabi, Kobra Rahmanpour, Ashraf Kalhori, Fatemeh Haghighat-Pajouh, Malak Ghorbani and so many others.

Nazanin Afshin-Jam